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    3rd Class make Pancakes!!


    4th Class Cliff Walk 2018


    Our class went on a cliff walk today from the harbor in Rush to Loughshinny beach. We had been learning about local sea birds all week in school so we were on the look out. We say Cormorants and Oyster Catchers as well as Brent Geese. We also saw some fold mountains which actually look …

    6th Class participate in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme!


    This year 6th class will be participating in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. What is the programme? The Junior entrepreneur program is a chance for children to explore their imaginations for a fun product that will sell well,that is cheap to make and gives them a good profit. On the 31st of January the teams (Cozy …



    Senior Infants have been learning all about water for the whole of January. We have done lots of investigating, writing and reading. We learned poems about water and listened to stories. We learned all about the water cycle and about sinking and floating. Recently we were learning all about oral hygiene and how we use …

    Rainbow day in Senior Infants!


    What fun we had on ‘Rainbow day’! All the children came dressed in their brightly coloured clothes, all the colours of the rainbow of course! We began the day with a story called ‘The Rainbow fish’ and completed some rainbow art, making rainbow hand print fish and a giant class collage of a rainbow. Then …