October 2016

Hi everyone and welcome back to St Brendan’s N.S for the 2016/17 school year. We welcome especially all our new students and parents and look forward to working with you all during the coming year. This first term is always packed with new activities and all of them are now back up and running for the children.


Our school choir and musicians taking part in the inaugural St Catherine’s music festival. Below you can see our school band playing at Skerries rowing regatta. It was a great day and a fabulous opportunity for our young musicians to show off all the tunes they have learned from Ms Davin-Power, who has put in huge amount of time and effort with our talented school band.



Our end of year G.A.A. presentation was once again set up and directed by our head coach Mr Anthony O’Flanagan. It’s always a fabulous day where we recognise all the children who took part in our G.A.A. season. A special award was presented to Mr Tom Forkan in recognition of all his work supporting the team and the coaching staff throughout the season.

Chess Club

We have started up a new chess club at lunch time on Thursdays for all the children interested from 3rd to 6th. The format is champion’s league style and the group winners will play off against each other. We were inspired to start the club when we got a very generous donation of eight chess boards and pieces from Skerries chess club. A huge THANK YOU to them.