About Us


St Brendan’s N.S Loughshinny is a primary school located in North County Dublin. It’s situated in an idyllic setting in a beautiful harbour village a stones throw from the beach. It’s practically equidistant from the larger towns of Rush and Skerries and we are very close to the well-known local amenities of Skerries Mills and Ardgillan Castle.

Our School is co-educational with one class for each level from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. Our current building was opened in 1989 and the old school building is now used for many varying community initiatives.

Ethos of the School

St Brendan’s is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. While maintaining a Catholic ethos St. Brendan’s recognizes and welcomes children of all cultures, beliefs and languages. St Brendan’s also welcomes children of differing abilities and needs and as resources allow, tries to accommodate these children.

Our vision is to develop the full potential of the child both morally and academically.

We seek to promote a happy and safe working environment where children learn at their own pace and become responsible and willing members of the community.

General Information

School Day:

School starts at 9.05am, classes start at 9.25am. First break is from 11.00am until 11.10am. Lunch is from12.30pm until 1.00pm and is supervised by the teachers. Infant classes go home at 1.45pm and all other classes go home at 2.45pm.


Children can wear uniforms or the school tracksuits all of which are available from Philanne’s, Strand St, Skerries.


Please observe the no parking lines and don’t park opposite the school gates. Please don’t park in either of the staff car parks. Don’t bring children through the staff car parks.


The school aims to foster an atmosphere of respect for person and property. The code of discipline is available. (see policies)


Under the Education and Welfare act the school must inform the Education Welfare Officer if a child is absent for 20 days or more days (these do not have to be consecutive) and please supply a note for all absences.

Please inform the teacher if a child has to leave school early and what arrangements for collection are. Also, always inform the teacher In Writing if there is any change to usual arrangements.

Please send a note if a child has not done homework or is to be excused from any school activity. Children are not permitted to stay in at break time except in exceptional circumstances.

It is important that a teacher knows of any medical condition.


Parent – teacher meetings are held annually. For all other meeting with the class teacher, parents are requested to make an appointment in advance.

Staff meetings are held regularly. Notification is given well in advance.


All property is left at your own risk. Mobile phones are discouraged, if they have to be brought in they must be switched off, and left in the child’s school bag. Scooters and bikes are not to be ridden on school grounds.

Primary School Liaison:

The school has ongoing contact with all the secondary schools in the area. The 6th class teacher liaises with the post primary schools. The resource department also liaise with their counterparts in post primary.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Extra curricula activities, both creative and sporting are encouraged by the school ethos. Children of all ages are encouraged to participate culminating in opportunities to be involved in school teams in the Senior Section.

Party Invitations:

In order to encourage an atmosphere and spirit of inclusiveness for all in our school, and to negate the chance that children might feel left out or excluded from a class grouping, we would ask that party invitations are not given out by children in class. Parents are more than welcome to distribute invitations outside the school as the children leave.

We would ask for your co-operation in this regard.


We now have a texting service. Please make sure the office has a current mobile number.

The majority of messages home are sent from the school in this way, please note, the school cannot be contacted on this number.