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    6th class bake sale


    On the 9th of February the 6th class pupils hosted the annual fundraiser bake sale. The collection of cakes were amazing!There was big cakes, small cakes, cupcakes, muffins, ginger bread, cookies, pastries and pie. They all looked so delicious. We all enjoyed ourselves so much. We sold out before big break which was the quickest …

    PJ party in Senior Infants!


    Senior Infants have worked hard over the last few months participating in the ‘Fun Friends’ programme. The children explored all of the following. F eelings R elax I can do it E ncourage N urture D o it every day S tay happy They learned so much about how to manage their emotions and challenge …

    First class complete Junior Achievement Programme!


    Here we are in this photo receiving our certificates from Larry for completing our 5 week Junior Achievement Ireland ‘Our Families’ programme. We learned lots about families and people working together in communities and businesses and all about needs and wants and goods and services. We thought about jobs we could do now to help …

    2nd Class complete ‘Friends for Life’ programme!!


    Second class have been working with Ms. Sheehan over the past number of months participating in the ‘Friends for Life’ programme. The programme teaches children resilience and coping tools to deal with everyday challenges. It explores feelings and relaxation techniques. It encourages family time, discussing our goals and our challenges, our fears and our proud …

    3rd Class make Pancakes!!