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Term 3 in First Class


We have had a busy time in 1st Class this term. Sports Day was fun, we took part in Futsal and yoga, we had lovely treat days of an amazing Bouncy Castle Day and a visit from an actual ice-cream van serving delicious cones. We loved seeing 3rd Class and 6th Class performing their plays …

Halloween fun in Third Class


We played lots of Halloween games this week in school to get us in the Halloween mood! 1. Mummy wrap- Grab some toilet paper and some friends! Simply wrap your friend in toilet paper until there is none left!! 2. Apple Chin Pass- You will need an apple and some friends. Line up in a …

Busy mornings in 3rd class!!


In the last few weeks we did lots of music with Mr.Keary. We learnt how to play symphony on the piano.We do music corner  every morning. We play the drums, piano and guitar.We also learnt how to play chess.Chess is a very fun game.There are lots of different moves in chess.A  queen can move any …

Third class prepare for their end of year play!


After the Easter holidays each person in the class had to think of an idea for a story for the class show. We all wrote our first drafts and we corrected each others work to point out to each other how we could improve our stories. At the moment Third class are busy writing their second …

Mother’s Day gifts by Third Class


In art we decorated little plant pots,by glueing bits of paper on it and put some glue on it for some shine.After,we let it dry we put some soil in the pots,then stuck our finger in the soil and made a little pit for the seed.Now we can bring it home and water it and …

Inventors and Pancakes!!!


A few weeks ago we made projects about inventors. We all did different inventors.It was so fun.We wrote facts and drew pictures.We have spent a lot of time and effort on our projects.We used marker,pencils and pens.We worked in threes.Then after that we showed the class. Some inventors that we learned about were Ruth Wakefield …

Third class news


On Wednesday we made card Christmas trees.If you do it right they will stand up .You can any use any type of card.They’re really cool!Rory,Ashling,Callum and Alannah taught everyone to do the chords to Silent Night on guitar.

Third Class Maths Stations!


Third Class were busy doing Maths stations recently. Each station had a different activity to do. We played fun games on the ipads such as ‘treasure quest’ and ‘golden path’. We played multiplication and division BINGO. We also played other board games to improve our maths skills and we used our 100 square to help …