Fifth class update!!

Recently we learned the  concept of foreshortening through this fun drawing activity ‘falling for foreshortening’. Foreshortening is the optical illusion that occurs when a part of something moves from one part of space to another. We traced our feet and hands on a paper. They we drew arms, legs, body and head to create the illusion that the body was further away then the feet and hands. The images all end up looking like the subject is falling toward the viewer. We also did lovely projects on World War 11 this term and we learned a lot! We practiced procedural writing too and drew up instructions for different things. We had been studying ‘éadaí’ in Gaeilge and we created life size drawings of people where you could change their outfits by using velcro. We put them in the corridor so that the younger children could change the clothes and practice their gaeilge.