2nd Class learn lots about nature!!

We are learning about autumn animals. We did projects on them. We had a choice of hedgehog, badger, bat, squirrel, chinchilla, worm, fox and wolverine. We wrote facts about them for homework. We coloured in Chinchillas and stuck on feathers for tails. some of us glued on eyes. We painted hedgehogs and used leaves for spikes. Ali made a chinchilla out of clay and she brought in her real life chinchilla called Nibbles. We got to pet him.

Ms. Halpin brought a dead Octopus that she found on the beach after the storm. We learned it has 2 legs and 6 arms and there’s a hole where the beak comes out. It can change colour to camouflage and mate or if it’s scared or angry. We learned they are great mammies. They lay a lot of eggs.

Dannon’s dad got us conkers and he drilled in holes. Ms. Lundy tied in the string. We went outside to play a game of confers.

Emma brought in 4 stick insects and chose three friends to show them around the room. We learned they only have a few bones. They can also camoflage.