Cianna reports on Catwalk 2017

Catwalk 2017 came and went with a blast. There were some amazing costumes, such as a light house done by a boy in 2nd class,whack a me by a girl in 3rd class and a transformer by the name of ‘Optimus Prime’ by a boy in 6th class who won overall in the whole school!

There were 3 prizes per class -1st place was for most original,2nd place was for the funniest costume and 3rd place was for the scariest costume. So ‘overall’ was not the only prize given out.

Alot of fun was had on the day. We went into the hall nice and early at 11:15 where the stage and music was set up. We got straight into it starting with Junior Infants.

The catwalk was over at 12:30 so we had lunch and went out on yard as usual. When our class came in we played some games and even watched ghostbusters 2.
All in all we had a great catwalk and wish everyone the best of look next year!And on our behalf we hope you had a happy and safe halloween.