Senior Infants hard at work!

Senior Infants are back in the swing of things this week after the Halloween Mid-Term break. They certainly deserved a rest as they have worked so hard since entering Senior Infants in September! They learned all about the body and our skeletons and how we change and grow! They investigated how we are all similar and also the differences we have and how we are all unique. They practiced their sorting and classifying skills during Maths lesson and learned all about 2D Shapes.

‘Autumn Time’ was another topic we completed with the children producing some fabulous art and pieces of writing, as well as learning the different characteristics of trees and their leaves. We talked about toys old and new and also about school in the past as the children interviewed their parents and grandparents. We had a lovely surprise one day when Miss. Cunnane brought in an Octopus to show the children. We also visited Ms. Rooney’s 2nd class’ Baby Museum.

Group work was a weekly occurrence as the children took part in games such as bingo and snap and sorting and classifying. They made patterns together and wrote some lovely character profiles as well as practicing their tricky works and phonics during Friday’s Station Teaching with Ms. Creamer and Ms. Davin Power.

We had a great week leading up to Halloween learning lots of spooky poems and songs and dressing up, carving pumpkins and the likes. Vinny came for GAA each week which they thoroughly enjoyed!

We are looking forward to the rest of term 1 and beginning practice for our Christmas Play!!