Simon the Hedgehog visits Senior Infants

Yvonne from Hedgehog Rescue Dublin came to visit Senior Infants today. She brought in a very special visitor, Simon! The children had no idea they were going to meet a real live hedgehog and the excitement when they saw him was super! Yvonne was fantastic with the children and allowed the children to feel Simon’s spines and have a look at him up close and personal. They got to ask tonnes of questions and we learned so much! Although Yvonne did mention how impressed she was with the amount the children already knew! We learned that their favorite food is worms and that they like to spend a lot of time alone. One thing Yvonne drew our attention to was how important it is not to litter and throw empty crisp packets or empty cans on the ground as the poor little hedgehogs can get stuck and suffocate! We all promised her we would be extra careful to put our rubbish in the bin!