Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Our class are partaking in the Junior Entrepreneur Program!Two years ago our school decided to do the Junior Entrepreneur Programme and it went quite well and this year they decided to do it again. From this program we will learn business skills,public speaking skills, presentation skills, persuading skills and how to boost our confidence.
First, our teacher split us up into groups.
Then, we had to agree on a product to sell.
Next,we had to create a power point presentation to show case what our product is.
After, we had to bring our product to life and make some prototypes
As a practice we also had to present our product to our class.
Lastly we pitched our idea to the Dragons who were Gerard McAuley, Emma Byrne and Anne McCrudden. After we had all presented, the Dragons took a minute to decide the winner which was ‘Scriosán’! ‘Scriosán is a group that had decided to make homemade Irish rubbers which involves a process in which you use silcon, corn flour and a bit of paint mixed together and then put into a mould and left to set. The entire class will enter into a business plan this year where we will produce, market and sell our product and split the profits between us all equally!