6th Class participate in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme!

This year 6th class will be participating in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme.
What is the programme?
The Junior entrepreneur program is a chance for children to explore their imaginations for a fun product that will sell well,that is cheap to make and gives them a good profit.
On the 31st of January the teams (Cozy Candles,Slime Tastic, S.e.m.a.t. Sweets,Chillows and Chill Out) battled it out in a battle of whits,personality and presentation skills to win over the dragons.
The team that impressed the judges the most was the ‘Chillows team’. They had a great presentation using a web page, survey and statistics about potential profits and potential market. The product is a lavender scented mindfulness pillow. It costs 1.03 euros and is going to be sold at a cost of 3 euro making a profit of 1.97 euro. The product is aimed an school goers who can use the pillow during their mindfulness classes. The whole class will now take part in making this product and selling and the profits will be split evenly between everyone in our class.