2nd Class complete ‘Friends for Life’ programme!!

Second class have been working with Ms. Sheehan over the past number of months participating in the ‘Friends for Life’ programme. The programme teaches children resilience and coping tools to deal with everyday challenges. It explores feelings and relaxation techniques. It encourages family time, discussing our goals and our challenges, our fears and our proud moments with our family and friends. The programme encourages the participants to praise themselves and others around them. The children learn to identify their self talk and recognize their ‘red’ thoughts and ‘green’ thoughts and how they can challenge their thoughts and be in control of how they deal with those thoughts and subsequent feelings. It teaches the children how to reward themselves with healthy rewards and how to break down challenges into small attainable goals. The children identify their support network and also role models in their life. They all worked really hard and learned so much. They celebrated with a party and making banners to display all they had learned.
F eelings
R elax
I can do it
E ncourage
N now reward yourself
D o it eeveryday
S tay calm, stay happy!