Term 3 in First Class

We have had a busy time in 1st Class this term. Sports Day was fun, we
took part in Futsal and yoga, we had lovely treat days of an amazing
Bouncy Castle Day and a visit from an actual ice-cream van serving
delicious cones. We loved seeing 3rd Class and 6th Class performing
their plays and the school band perform and of course being there the
night when Rockshinny rocked St. Maurs Clubhouse!

We went on our school tour to Slieve Gullion. We followed a
trail through the forest following the legend of the Cailigh Beara (a
tricky witch) and Flynn (a trouble-making but fun fairy). It has an
amazing Fairy Kingdom and we loved travelling through it even though
the fairies were sleeping and we didn’t meet them. The playground is
very cool as well and we had a picnic there.

We went down to the beach alongside Senior Infants and 2nd Class
to investigate some of the creatures that live there and how we can
care for them by not littering and by recycling. Of course we also
took some time to build sandcastles and get our feet wet.

Have a lovely Summer everyone, from all of us here in First Class.