What a busy month for Senior Infants!

We have had a ball over the last month or so! We enjoyed science week so much! We were busy with lots of experiments discovering if it is possible to see sound and feel sound. We used balloons, elastic bands, butter tubs, rice, cling film, straws and lots of other bits and bobs. We also experimented with light and how we could make shadows. We learned all about the force of ‘push and pull’ and we learned how to sort animals into different groups!

We did lots of art where we painted pictures of pets and did stencil pictures of wild animals. We learned lots of new facts about all sorts of animals and their habitats and wrote lovely stories we even made displays of habitats in groups. We got to play animal hospital in the mornings using our teddies and doctors kits. We talked all about how to care and look after animals.

We are just finished learning all about ‘Bia’ in Irish and are moving on to ‘Nollag’. We have been busy in Maths learning all the ways to make the number 4, 5, 6 and 7. Next stop 3D Shapes!!

Recently we have been getting in the Christmas spirit! We put up our tree and we completed our Christmas Art competition entries. We made lovely stockings and a fireplace with Santa stuck in the chimney. We have been talking about seasonal changes and all the signs of Winter and we made lovely pictures of winter scenes using chalk and black paper. We brainstormed together all the ways that we can stay warm in the Winter time.

At the moment we are so busy rehearsing for our Christmas play called ‘You’re a star!’ We can’t wait for you to see it!