Inventors and Pancakes!!!

A few weeks ago we made projects about inventors. We all did different inventors.It was so fun.We wrote facts and drew pictures.We have spent a lot of time and effort on our projects.We used marker,pencils and pens.We worked in threes.Then after that we showed the class.

Some inventors that we learned about were Ruth Wakefield who invented chocolate chip cookies, John Logie Baird who invented television, Marie Curie who came up with treatment for cancer, Marion Dunovan who invented disposable nappies and Benjamin Franklin who invented electricity.

We had a few days to complete our projects and we used the tablets and Mr. Keary’s phone and the computer to research our inventors!

We made pancakes this month. We used 100g flour, 300ml of milk and one egg. First we put the flour around the bowl and cracked an egg into the middle. Then we put the milk into the bowl and whisked the mixture. We used a hand blender first and then we put the mixture into a crepe maker. Lastly we put our pancake onto a plate and spread some nutella on! Yum!!