2nd Class News

We learned all about China this month. In China you are only allowed to keep 1 baby as the country has such a large population. The great wall of China covers most of the country. 2017 is the year of the Dragon. Kids have to get up at 6.00am to go to school at 7.00am. At Christmas they dust and clear out the house for good luck. We made lovely Chinese lanterns.

We celebrated St. Bridgit’s Day and made really cool pictures of her cloak.

We also made hearts and t-shirts  and did lots of other art work in preparation for our first confession. We practiced our songs every morning and we sung our songs for everyone in assembly as a practice run. We made our first confession on the 13th of February. It went great!

We recently learned all about procedural writing and we wrote instructions on how to make fairy buns. We have been reading the BFG in class and we all love the story. We created ‘ Jar Dreams’ and displayed them outside the classroom. We’ve also been learning all about time!