Art, debating and line dancing fun in sixth class!!

It’s been a really busy few weeks for 6th class!! We did lots of art.

We cut out paper into shapes and we used chalk to colour around the shapes on a piece of black paper to create our art.

We used pipe cleaners and tinfoil to make people or objects and we hung them up around the class.

We were practicing for assembly for a few weeks as we had to perform ‘Wagon Wheel’ by Nathan Carter. Some of us played instruments and some of us sang and danced. Esther and our teacher taught us how to line dance. It’s been great fun!

We also learned all about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. We displayed lots of facts about Martin Luther King outside our classroom and we also created a ‘Historianhastags’ wall all about Rosa Parks.

Our class competed in a debate against Rush national school this month. The debate was held in our school. There was 6 people on each team, three speakers and three researches. The debate title was ‘The primary school curriculum has too many subjects’. We had to argue that it doesn’t have too many subjects. Unfortunately we lost to Rush National but we will be doing more debating in the future so at least we can learn from our mistakes and hopefully we will win next time.

A few weeks ago, we also got paired up and had to make a creation out of clay. We put them up on our windowsill when we were finished and the teachers decided on which one was the best. The winners got to make a stop motion video of their clay creation. Everyone made something different with their clay and we all had lots of fun!!!!!